Words have a meaning but our experiences with them can be very different.  I find it funny how people perceive words.  Have you ever thought... words are something we write or say, but people are able to understand these words as so much more.  If you read the word  "Blue" you may think of the color or maybe something you like that is blue.  If I say Turd in public people usually glance over either in surprise or disgust.  In my family Turd is a funny and comical word used as a nickname.  Do you use words that have a different meaning to you than they would to someone else?
Lil Turd is a term I use for my random thoughts.  The concept of Lil Turd started with my nephew.  He and I have nicknames for each other.  His being Lil Turd and mine being Uncle Turd, but usually just Turd.